House Moving and Packing Tips

House Moving and Packing Tips: How to Pack Various Items When you are planning to move or relocate to a different house, city, or state, you want to all your things to arrive in the desired destination in perfect condition. However, items often get damaged during the moving process or when you are unpacking the stuff in your new home because they were not properly packed in the first place. Below are some packing tips to ensure that all your items get to your new home without getting damaged or broken.

House Moving and Packing Tips

Packing Fragile Items

Items like expensive vases, figurines, glassware, picture frames, and other fragile stuff need to be packed very carefully to avoid breaking them during a move. Carefully wrap such items in layers of newspapers, magazines, or tissue paper to cushion them. Don’t forget to pack different breakables in different boxes and to clearly label the boxes as fragile to keep them safe during the move.


The easiest way to pack your clothes is to put them in garbage backs. Get a clean and clear garbage bag and pull them over your clothes already lined in cloth rack or closet from the bottom up. You can then pull handles on both sides of the hangers to ensure that the clothes are held properly. If you have a lot of clothes and you would not mind getting out the creases, later on, you can stuff them in garbage bags and tie the tops.


Shoes are some of the most overlooked items when packing up for a move. Failing to pack them properly however can result in crushed or misshaped shoes. Just like breakables, wrap your shoes carefully using newspapers and store them tightly in a square box. Place heavy shoes on the bottom and light shoes on top to avoid crushing them during the move. This will ensure that your shoes arrive in perfect condition. You don’t want to ruin that expensive pair of shoes.


Necklaces and other pieces of jewelry often get tangled up during a moving process. To avoid this, take a roll of tissue paper, remove the inner roll (rolled paper used to maintain the shape of the tissue paper), hang the necklaces through the hole and secure them. You can then store them in a clear back for easy retrieval.


The best place to pack books is inside a backpack or in a specific luggage bag. You can alternatively pack them in clear plastic boxes so that you can easily retrieve them if need be.

Make use of the Shapes and Sizes of Items

You can use items you already have to pack other items. For example, you can pack heavier items inside laundry baskets and smaller purses inside bigger purses. This will also save a lot of space.

Packing Electronic Devices

You might want to pack your Television and other electronic devices in special boxes that have a supporting cushion. If the multiple wires will confuse you, take a picture of the back of the electrical devices to make rewiring them easier.

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