How to Avoid House Moving Scams

If you are planning to hire a house moving company to help you relocate, it is important to note that there are many individuals and companies who are out to scam and rip you off. Some of the most common problems you can find yourself dealing with during or after a move include; significant price upcharges from what you had agreed on in a quote, late deliveries, damaged or missing items and having your goods held until you pay for other additional costs that were not included in the initial quote. These are just a few of the problems you can experience if you happen to get entangled with a dishonest moving company.

Many people fall into such traps and scams either by failing to do enough homework and research before hiring movers or simply falling for the cheapest quotes in a bid to lower their moving costs. Below are some red flags and things you can do to avoid such scams.

Ensure that your Mover is Both Licensed and Insured

In order operate legally in any state in the US; a house moving company must have a valid license from the Federal Motor Carriage and Safety Administration (FMCSA) from the Department of Transportation (DOI). Any reputable house mover will not hesitate to show you proof of their license on request. Any hesitation should send you on your way to continue with your search.

Avoid Movers Who Want to Offer Extremely Low Quotes

The most common rip-off tactic dishonest movers’ use is offering very low moving prices on their quotes. They know that people are really looking for cheap movers seeing as moving houses is really expensive and once they lure a potential client, they can go ahead and add other additional costs later once these clients have signed a contract. It is usually very frustrating to have your goods held until you pay for additional costs which were not stated upfront. Before signing any contract, ensure that you ask the moving company to tell you preferably in writing if there will be any additional costs.

Check Moving Companies’ Online Reviews Thoroughly

Being listed on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) does not mean that a house mover is the right one for you. You must go through all their online reviews to get a clear picture of a company’s true reputation. Check all the complaints and see whether or not they took steps or measures to address customers’ complaints. If a company appears to have too many complaints from past customers or has had major complaints, this should be a red flag.

Take Your Time

Avoid movers who seem too eager to have you sign a contract. Moving is very expensive and you can never carry out too much research. Always follow your gut and if a moving company seems shady to you, it probably is. Make sure to ask all the questions that matter until you feel satisfied enough before signing any contract.

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