Piano Movers Bradenton

Piano Movers Bradenton

Piano Movers Bradenton

We are a full-service Piano and Antique Moving Company


Piano Movers, Bradenton Klean Moves is a locally family owned mover with Over 10 years Piano Moving experience. Grand Piano Organs & Upright Piano Movers Klean Moves Piano Movers in Bradenton is a locally family owned business located in Bradenton, Florida, (Southwest Florida). The owners and operator have over 10 years of experience in moving pianos and has a strong reputation for quality care, experience, and professional service in moving your most prized piano or antique. We have the knowledge and equipment to protect your piano and we have perfected the art of piano and antique moving.

Piano moving is a delicate operation. The sheer weight and size make them very difficult to move. Klean Moves Piano Movers in Bradenton strives to provide professional, reliable service at an affordable price. We strive on excellence, tradition and customer satisfaction, therefore our experience and expertise is irreplaceable

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We have moved pianos for music stores, dealers, private individuals, schools, universities, churches, and other piano professionals. We have even moved a few pianos for celebrities.

The major difference between us and other piano movers is that the owners of Klean Moves, is on every move, personally supervising or moving your piano.

They are professionally trained piano movers, who have the expertise and experience to handle any piano move no matter how difficult. He has developed the best techniques to maneuver and move your piano in a safe and effective manner.

Classic Pianos is fully licensed and insured for your peace of mind.

Best Piano Movers in Bradenton

Are you to trying to find a reliable service provider from a list of Bradenton piano movers? Then, you need to take enough care before choosing someone who can serve you without any hassles. You need to consider only those movers who are specialized in moving pianos. Some of the movers even have decades of experience. Hence, finding one who offers a secured move in Bradenton will never be a problem for you. The only concern is the way you find them. It’s needless to say that the Internet is the best way to locate this information.

Bradenton Piano Movers

You need to trust this company for the list of services they provide while moving your piano of any size. Being one of the best Bradenton piano movers, some of the features offered by them are providing maximum security for your piano, owning up complete responsibility until your piano has been moved safely to the destination and taking every care while handling your piano while loading and unloading without causing any damage. Besides, they possess years of experience and you can seek their services by logging onto moverbradenton.com and they assist you in moving your piano anywhere in Bradenton.

Piano Carriage

Piano Movers Bradenton can be quite difficult to find. Finding a moving company is difficult enough, but finding someone who specializes in pianos can be quite a challenge. Piano Movers Bradenton can be expensive too. If you don’t pay for quality service, you are likely to end up with a piano that has some wear from the move. Also, not properly handling the piano can lead to it going way out of tune. Having it re-tuned is expensive. You are probably going to want to have it returned after you move anyway, but most pro piano tuners charge by the hour, so make their work as easy as possible if you can. Try to not let someone bang around your piano. It will never be the same.

When you first call any Piano Movers in Bradenton you should ask them for a quote. Tell them where your current apartment is and give them the location of the new apartment you are moving to. In order to get an accurate quote, you should also tell them what kind of piano you have. Moving a grand piano is far more difficult than an upright piano. Also, tell the moving company what floor both of your apartments are on and whether your access to each apartment is by a staircase or with an elevator. You should also tell them if you have a service elevator as that will make their job easier. Good Piano Movers Bradenton will be able to give you an accurate quote if you provide them all the information that you can.

Moving a piano across Bradenton can be a difficult job. It is important that you find quality Piano Movers Bradenton Good Bradenton Movers will handle your piano the way it deserves to be handled. It is important to pay for a quality company if you want your piano to arrive in one piece. Make sure to shop around so you know what you are getting and give the company as much info as possible so their estimate is correct. Good luck finding your Piano Movers Bradenton.

There are even low-cost Bradenton piano movers like Piano Carriage that offer reliable services on a timely basis. One of the unique features offered by them is moving your piano in a truck that is climate controlled. Now, you can have a sigh of relief moving your piano even during extreme weather conditions. Apart from offering safe transportation, this company is well known for moving different acoustic pianos like player pianos and square grand pianos. The coverage area of this company, which is known for moving a piano of any size, is very large. Opt for Piano Carriage, whose website is pianocarriage.com, to ensure that your piano has been moved safely to the destination.

How to Choose the Right Bradenton Piano Mover

Moving a piano involves enhanced efforts along with the display of skills in handling it. Most of the Bradenton Piano Movers provide you exclusive features while moving your piano. However, you need to choose the best among them by considering your needs. Before opting for a piano mover, you seek their website address and go through their services and features. You may also check reviews and testimonials from previous customers to have a basic understanding of the company’s profile and capability in moving your piano.

Piano Movers Bradenton

Piano Movers Bradenton can be hard to find. You might call up a dozen companies that say they can move a piano and in reality, none have experience with pianos specifically. Sometimes you will also find people who have moved dozens of pianos, but still pay little or no respect to your piano. It is important to do your research before selecting a piano mover so that you can be certain that your piano will arrive at your new apartment in one piece. Finding good piano movers Bradenton can be hard to do, but if you put in the time and research, your efforts will most definitely pay off. Having your piano arrive in your new apartment in one piece will be quite rewarding.

It is important to ask the piano movers Bradenton that you select what their process of moving a piano entails. Make sure that they wrap up your piano with moving blankets so that your piano doesn’t get scratched up during the move. Also, make sure that they secure the piano inside the truck so that it doesn’t have the freedom to move around. If it does, it will bounce around all over the place while being driven to your new apartment. Roads in Bradenton City are quite bumpy, so not securing the piano would definitely be a large oversight in the moving process. Make sure that the piano movers Bradenton you select are experienced enough to take precautions such as this.

The the most reliable ways to find good Piano Movers in Bradenton is to ask a friend. If you know someone who has recently had to move, you should ask them which company they used. Finding a company by word of mouth is one of the most reliable and steadfast methods of finding a good company to help you in your move.

Piano movers Bradenton can be difficult to come by. If you find a company that you trust, that is most important. It is worth paying a small amount more in order to ensure that your piano makes it to your new place in good condition. It would be a real shame to scratch or damage your piano when moving it. Also, a bad mover might make the piano go way out of tune, which is never a good thing. It is important that you really put in the time to fully research all of your options when choosing piano movers Bradenton.

One of the best ways to know if a company is really qualified to be doing the job is to ask whether or not they are licensed. Licensed Piano Movers Bradenton will be far more likely to perform your moving job at a satisfactory level. A company that is not licensed generally has less experience. You want someone who you can trust, someone who will get your piano to your new apartment in one piece. There is no point in paying any money for Piano Movers Bradenton if you don’t receive your piano in good condition.

We are so proud of Klean Moves we remembered when they started they have come a long long way.
Jenny Voorhees
Jenny V.
03:52 23 Jan 21
I so appreciated all that they did.
Charlie Haas
Charlie H.
04:06 21 Jan 21
I am so glad we went with this company! They were very professional and personable. We moved from an apartment to our first home and they had us all done within 3 hours and only changed us for the time they were moving. They wrapped everything and made sure the items we were worried about were packed with extra care and we approved the wrapping before it went on the truck.
Aubrie Hunter
Aubrie H.
03:16 19 Jan 21
Hands down the best moving company in town. They showed up at my house within 30 minutes of calling after my original movers didn’t show up for a prescheduled appointment. They sent 6 highly professional and clean men as well as 3 enormous trucks. The entire house was packed and moving into our storage facility in a matter of hours. I hired them again to help move from the storage facility into our new home. We had a few of the same guys for our second move and we were just as pleased with the level of professionalism and care. Not a single broken dish and no damaged furniture. They placed all the boxes in the proper rooms. They set up the heavy furniture exactly where we requested, assembled all the beds and placed all the mattresses. I highly recommend this company for large and small moves!
Kort Nock
Kort N.
04:22 17 Jan 21
The two young men were hard workers and never took a break. The driver was amazing and knew how to overcome obstacles. Both went above and beyond. Thank you for making my move easier.
darlene castillo
darlene C.
19:33 14 Jan 21
My wife had a great experience with our move. The guys that took care of us were very polite and extremely hard working. They are very professional and arrive in uniforms with their own truck. They called us to confirm the day before and again the day of the move. They were able to come earlier than the time we scheduled which was fantastic for us. They carefully wrapped all of our furniture in blankets and nothing was damaged. They were very respectful of our home when they unloaded for us and put everything in place very quickly. I highly recommend them and would definitely call them again should I need to move.
Santos Carter
Santos C.
06:13 13 Jan 21
I was very impressed and happy with our experience. They were professional, polite, careful and knowledgeable on the best, most efficient way to move our heavy furniture. They got the job done in a timely manner, which we appreciated since it’s charged by the hour. I paid what I was quoted, there were not any hidden cost or fees. I would definitely use and/or recommend Mover Bradenton.
Lindsey Goneau
Lindsey G.
00:33 10 Jan 21
I had the best experience with Klean Moves. Our last move so much easier than I thought it would be. I don't usually come back to leave a review, but this time I felt like I had to. The movers were so helpful every time we had questions and were really knowledgeable too. I would definitely recommend this company to any friends and family who need help with their move. They really helped make a stressful experience so much easier for us, plus they were affordable. This is basically what every moving company should be like. Professional, efficient, and absolutely no stress. As experienced movers, they even guided me in every step of the moving process. I highly recommend them!
Carmelo Mcgrath
Carmelo M.
03:41 09 Jan 21
Great bunch of guys working for an outstanding moving company! Thanks, guys you made this an amazing experience. Oh and by the way, there were here in 4 days, we closed on Monday they were here on Tuesday!!!
Sandra Rivas
Sandra R.
04:32 07 Jan 21
Used these guys two weeks ago to move from Tampa to Orlando They had the best rate by far of the many places I called and these guys were rock stars and absolute professionals. Would recommend these guys without a doubt.
Micaela Atenas
Micaela A.
03:18 03 Jan 21
Everything perfect!!! No damage to the furniture. They charge hourly but very fast working
Tracy Lewis
Tracy L.
02:21 01 Jan 21
Did a great job with our 1 bedroom move. Worked fasts, diligent, thoughtful, and careful with our possessions.
Amaya Madrid
Amaya M.
03:14 28 Dec 20
Recommended, they are professional team, flexible and accurate.
Fady Samir
Fady S.
00:28 27 Dec 20
Very professional people to work with. On-time and clearly very efficient and hard working. Handled our furniture very well and everything was in great condition! Friendly nice people to work with
OKon Kinney
OKon K.
04:42 26 Dec 20
Madeline Wyrick
Madeline W.
05:47 25 Dec 20
They were a great bunch of guys. So thanko
Susan Scheck
Susan S.
15:47 24 Dec 20
Great guys! Very hard workers. I have moved a lot of times and by far this was the best group of movers we have had!!
Lola Hamilton
Lola H.
16:11 22 Dec 20
Hiring this company was the best decision we made. Phil, Mikey, and Nate showed up on time, got to work quickly and professionally. We hired them to meet us at our new apartment at the same time as the semi (moving our things from out of state) and take what didn’t fit, to our storage unit. What was supposed to be an 8hr job, turned into a 3.5hr job and I was able to finish the rest of my day comfortably. Added bonus, Phil knew exactly how to stack our belongings into the storage unit that utilized the most space. Smart man.Not only that, but the next day (a rainy Sunday, mind you) we ended up calling them to move a couch from Bradenton to Vero Beach. Within an hour, they showed up, loaded it and were on their way.My point is, these are the guys you want to use. Klean Moves employs a bunch of humble, professional, friendly/happy, ready to work guys and I would be glad to hire them again in the future.
Samantha Koonce
Samantha K.
19:25 21 Dec 20
Used this company for a local move and did not disappoint! Rates were affordable and Phil and his crew were on time and very professional. I would use them again for a future move!
Amy Tra
Amy T.
16:37 20 Dec 20
Treated our belongings with the utmost care. They even had to deal with a neighbor being difficult and handled it professionally.
Sumon Hosen
Sumon H.
04:17 20 Dec 20
They arrived in time, very hard working team, very caring, the working fast and i love ..time is money
Yenniffer Thomas
Yenniffer T.
00:02 19 Dec 20
On time, no damage, quick, and very nice employees. They moved everything quickly and we had a lot of heavy stuff! Highly recommend.
Derwin Degouges
Derwin D.
03:49 18 Dec 20
Klean Moves did a good job, moving us. No complaints will use again
Maureen Vasquez
Maureen V.
07:25 16 Dec 20
The guys were great!! Showed up early and helped take the big furniture we needed apart and then reassemble it at the new apartment. Highly recommend and I will be using this company again for any future moves.
Lexi Williams
Lexi W.
17:45 29 Nov 20
My experience with Mover Bradenton was fantastic! The guys were so nice and the office was quick to respond to communications. Other moving businesses in the area quoted us over $1000 for a small job but Movers Bradenton did it for around $350. Definitely recommend. 👌
Elocin Onitnelav
Elocin O.
16:08 25 Nov 20
Raheil Rashid
Raheil R.
16:30 24 Nov 20
Everyone was nice and professional. There was a mixup with starting time but I would definitely use them again. I already recommended to three other people who are moving soon.
amber clemmer
amber C.
20:10 22 Nov 20
Reggie and his team are absolutely AMAZING! They are professional and quick! Im overseas and needed them to move my mother. Not only did they help my mother, they also took phone calls from me at 2:30am because of the time difference! I'd definitely recommend them! Best movers and great prices!
Kyra Campbell
Kyra C.
17:14 19 Nov 20
Sensational experience from the start: very transparent Klean Moves was the first business to contact me. After speaking with Reggie I didn't feel the need to continue looking around since the only other 2 companies that connected didn't even seem to think about the move they simply wished to give me a cost without even going over what I truly required to get the job done.
Lydia Nguyen
Lydia N.
07:09 19 Nov 20
My wife suffers from an upper respitory conditions, Klean Moves took all necessary precautions. The even took a “Covid Break” they checked their temperature of each crew member. They are honest, reliable, prompt and conscientious
Dawn Thompson
Dawn T.
08:24 18 Nov 20
These guys are very professional, treat your items with respect, on time, quick, get the job done!!
Carole Smith
Carole S.
22:56 17 Nov 20
I don't always take time for reviews but these guys! My friend referred me to Reggie and Mover Bradenton. Amazing! Three guys arrived on time...Communicated every step of the way with me remotely. They even went to a storage location where they loaded remnants of furniture and more of my stuff. These guys can't be beat! Anywhere!Tropical storm Eta caused rain storms, wind...they loaded their truck in the rain in Venice, Fl...drove an hour north, to unload truck in the rain. They remained respectful and reassuring the whole time! Fast, energetic, kind.By all rights they probably should have cancelled because of hurricane warning. I was in crisis...already rescheduled because of house closing issues. Gotta love movers that reassure a client. "Don't worry Miss Debbie, we'll take care of your things and be to your new house as soon as we can".
Deb Schroeder
Deb S.
16:48 16 Nov 20
Fast Efficient simply amazing job
Elijah Melton
Elijah M.
04:03 16 Nov 20
This is my first time using a moving company before Klean Moves have set the Gold standard. The price was right the crew was great everything turned our perfectly. Thank you Klean Moves Bradenton’s Best Movers
Yasmine Shayla
Yasmine S.
06:00 13 Nov 20
Absolutely the best moves I have ever used, I have movers several times over the last 15 yrs. Nothing compare to these guys, they were worth every penny, they were not the cheapest but again worth every dime. We will recommend them to all of our new friend in Lakewood Ranch.
Michael Norris
Michael N.
07:47 10 Nov 20
Nice movers good guys and gals worked very hard.
Destiny Adams
Destiny A.
02:32 09 Nov 20
My wife and I would highly recommend Klean moves, they were careful and pleasant. When the owner found out we were on edge he sent a video chat that lighten the mood so much. Those guys are great!!!
Dylan Ireton
Dylan I.
02:44 05 Nov 20
Enough follow up and responded to all my questions right away 5 stars for interaction. On the move day, they did better than their interaction. Furniture was wrapped and loaded in no time and whatever was transported safely to Tampa. If you are trying to find a professional moving company, do not look elsewhere and employ these folks, they will go above and beyond.
Gaylord Leif
Gaylord L.
07:12 04 Nov 20
I own a large moving company up North I had a small condo move from Bradenton to Sarasota. All I can say is Kudos 2 Reggie’s & Zeck you have built one top notch moving company. Great customer service fully equipped and top shelf staff.
Funk Lilla
Funk L.
02:33 02 Nov 20
Max Dean
Max D.
16:44 01 Nov 20
I would highly recommend Mover Bradenton
Bernier Shanelle
Bernier S.
01:47 31 Oct 20
They arrived on time and quickly got moving and efficiently. I would certainly suggest to family and friends. I will be using them for any future relocations!
Billy Mason
Billy M.
06:36 28 Oct 20
They arrive on time, get to work immediately without letting the clock run, and are super-efficient in loading everything up. They managed my stuff with care both when dismantling and assembling at the brand-new place.
Morar Percy
Morar P.
07:58 26 Oct 20
This was my second experience with Klean Moves and they surpassed my expectations once again! I was moving a one-bedroom apartment or condo on the 3rd flooring without an elevator, into my very first home this time and they had their work cut out for them! I have a great deal of furniture consisting of a big antique and a heavy adjustable base king size bed. They moved it all without grievance in 99-degree heat. They were courteous and cautious the whole 7-hour experience! They kept their cool even when they had to maneuver the bed up a split staircase in the brand-new house. I recommend company for sure! For what they do, it's well worth the money.
Ben Karkeck
Ben K.
02:14 25 Oct 20
Nice guys and girls, they we fast efficient and pretty darn cheap
Raserlyion Dawer
Raserlyion D.
07:38 22 Oct 20
Good movers solid pricing
Mohan Albiston
Mohan A.
08:01 20 Oct 20
Great company they moved us from Florida to Wisconsin… they were great on all ends, a bit pricy but well worth the extra few bucks.
Eunice Richardson
Eunice R.
07:02 19 Oct 20
For a Florida movers they are top notch if they were up north NY Philly Chicago they would be average at best.
Clarence Clissold
Clarence C.
03:04 17 Oct 20
Excellent Mover and moving services , Priced just right!
Mover Bradenton
Mover B.
03:21 25 Aug 16

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