Piano Movers Bradenton

Piano Movers Bradenton

Piano Movers Bradenton

We are a full-service Piano and Antique Moving Company


Piano Movers, Bradenton Klean Moves is a locally family owned mover with Over 10 years Piano Moving experience. Grand Piano Organs & Upright Piano Movers Klean Moves Piano Movers in Bradenton is a locally family owned business located in Bradenton, Florida, (Southwest Florida). The owners and operator have over 10 years of experience in moving pianos and has a strong reputation for quality care, experience, and professional service in moving your most prized piano or antique. We have the knowledge and equipment to protect your piano and we have perfected the art of piano and antique moving.

Piano moving is a delicate operation. The sheer weight and size make them very difficult to move. Klean Moves Piano Movers in Bradenton strives to provide professional, reliable service at an affordable price. We strive on excellence, tradition and customer satisfaction, therefore our experience and expertise is irreplaceable

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We have moved pianos for music stores, dealers, private individuals, schools, universities, churches, and other piano professionals. We have even moved a few pianos for celebrities.

The major difference between us and other piano movers is that the owners of Klean Moves, is on every move, personally supervising or moving your piano.

They are professionally trained piano movers, who have the expertise and experience to handle any piano move no matter how difficult. He has developed the best techniques to maneuver and move your piano in a safe and effective manner.

Classic Pianos is fully licensed and insured for your peace of mind.

Best Piano Movers in Bradenton

Are you to trying to find a reliable service provider from a list of Bradenton piano movers? Then, you need to take enough care before choosing someone who can serve you without any hassles. You need to consider only those movers who are specialized in moving pianos. Some of the movers even have decades of experience. Hence, finding one who offers a secured move in Bradenton will never be a problem for you. The only concern is the way you find them. It’s needless to say that the Internet is the best way to locate this information.

Bradenton Piano Movers

You need to trust this company for the list of services they provide while moving your piano of any size. Being one of the best Bradenton piano movers, some of the features offered by them are providing maximum security for your piano, owning up complete responsibility until your piano has been moved safely to the destination and taking every care while handling your piano while loading and unloading without causing any damage. Besides, they possess years of experience and you can seek their services by logging onto moverbradenton.com and they assist you in moving your piano anywhere in Bradenton.

Piano Carriage

Piano Movers Bradenton can be quite difficult to find. Finding a moving company is difficult enough, but finding someone who specializes in pianos can be quite a challenge. Piano Movers Bradenton can be expensive too. If you don’t pay for quality service, you are likely to end up with a piano that has some wear from the move. Also, not properly handling the piano can lead to it going way out of tune. Having it re-tuned is expensive. You are probably going to want to have it returned after you move anyway, but most pro piano tuners charge by the hour, so make their work as easy as possible if you can. Try to not let someone bang around your piano. It will never be the same.

When you first call any Piano Movers in Bradenton you should ask them for a quote. Tell them where your current apartment is and give them the location of the new apartment you are moving to. In order to get an accurate quote, you should also tell them what kind of piano you have. Moving a grand piano is far more difficult than an upright piano. Also, tell the moving company what floor both of your apartments are on and whether your access to each apartment is by a staircase or with an elevator. You should also tell them if you have a service elevator as that will make their job easier. Good Piano Movers Bradenton will be able to give you an accurate quote if you provide them all the information that you can.

Moving a piano across Bradenton can be a difficult job. It is important that you find quality Piano Movers Bradenton Good Bradenton Movers will handle your piano the way it deserves to be handled. It is important to pay for a quality company if you want your piano to arrive in one piece. Make sure to shop around so you know what you are getting and give the company as much info as possible so their estimate is correct. Good luck finding your Piano Movers Bradenton.

There are even low-cost Bradenton piano movers like Piano Carriage that offer reliable services on a timely basis. One of the unique features offered by them is moving your piano in a truck that is climate controlled. Now, you can have a sigh of relief moving your piano even during extreme weather conditions. Apart from offering safe transportation, this company is well known for moving different acoustic pianos like player pianos and square grand pianos. The coverage area of this company, which is known for moving a piano of any size, is very large. Opt for Piano Carriage, whose website is pianocarriage.com, to ensure that your piano has been moved safely to the destination.

How to Choose the Right Bradenton Piano Mover

Moving a piano involves enhanced efforts along with the display of skills in handling it. Most of the Bradenton Piano Movers provide you exclusive features while moving your piano. However, you need to choose the best among them by considering your needs. Before opting for a piano mover, you seek their website address and go through their services and features. You may also check reviews and testimonials from previous customers to have a basic understanding of the company’s profile and capability in moving your piano.

Piano Movers Bradenton

Piano Movers Bradenton can be hard to find. You might call up a dozen companies that say they can move a piano and in reality, none have experience with pianos specifically. Sometimes you will also find people who have moved dozens of pianos, but still pay little or no respect to your piano. It is important to do your research before selecting a piano mover so that you can be certain that your piano will arrive at your new apartment in one piece. Finding good piano movers Bradenton can be hard to do, but if you put in the time and research, your efforts will most definitely pay off. Having your piano arrive in your new apartment in one piece will be quite rewarding.

It is important to ask the piano movers Bradenton that you select what their process of moving a piano entails. Make sure that they wrap up your piano with moving blankets so that your piano doesn’t get scratched up during the move. Also, make sure that they secure the piano inside the truck so that it doesn’t have the freedom to move around. If it does, it will bounce around all over the place while being driven to your new apartment. Roads in Bradenton City are quite bumpy, so not securing the piano would definitely be a large oversight in the moving process. Make sure that the piano movers Bradenton you select are experienced enough to take precautions such as this.

The the most reliable ways to find good Piano Movers in Bradenton is to ask a friend. If you know someone who has recently had to move, you should ask them which company they used. Finding a company by word of mouth is one of the most reliable and steadfast methods of finding a good company to help you in your move.

Piano movers Bradenton can be difficult to come by. If you find a company that you trust, that is most important. It is worth paying a small amount more in order to ensure that your piano makes it to your new place in good condition. It would be a real shame to scratch or damage your piano when moving it. Also, a bad mover might make the piano go way out of tune, which is never a good thing. It is important that you really put in the time to fully research all of your options when choosing piano movers Bradenton.

One of the best ways to know if a company is really qualified to be doing the job is to ask whether or not they are licensed. Licensed Piano Movers Bradenton will be far more likely to perform your moving job at a satisfactory level. A company that is not licensed generally has less experience. You want someone who you can trust, someone who will get your piano to your new apartment in one piece. There is no point in paying any money for Piano Movers Bradenton if you don’t receive your piano in good condition.

Great company. Professional and courteous people who have a good attention to detail. And best of all after calling 12 other companies I can easily say they have they absolute lowest prices in the area. All in all a 10 out of 10 company and I would recommend them to anyone I know.
Matthew Prim
Matthew P.
22:31 15 Mar 20
Jami Blanchong
Jami B.
23:04 14 Mar 20
Alexander Reed
Alexander R.
23:30 13 Mar 20
I just moved from Tampa to Orlando within 4 hours. These guys were quick, professional, and efficient. They were extremely flexible with my schedule and needless to say I am pleased. They are a nice family buisness and I definitely recommend them for local and long distance moves. Not to mention these guys were patient (I was late), polite, and handsome so that was a plus. A 5 star experience. You won’t find a better moving company. This was a last minute move with only 4 hour notice (I called at 5 am).
jessica henry
jessica H.
20:25 13 Mar 20
Reggie sr was the most professional yet family oriented business person I've ever encountered.. reggie jr was on the spot with making sure my industrial equipment and my tools along with my shop cars were all delivered safely. So I hired them for my house move. They took care and wrapped everything.. made sure my furniture was secure and delivered it as planned. I really owe it to you guys. Thanks for working with me in tough time constraints and hoa rules. You guys rock💯
Maverick Stone
Maverick S.
23:03 08 Mar 20
Maverick Stone
Maverick S.
22:58 08 Mar 20
First of all I have to say these guys came through!! I made a last minute request for a moving quote to be moved on the same day. They were able to accommodate me, showed up on time and showed out. Best moving experience hands down. Thanks again
Roshoir Elliott
Roshoir E.
19:18 04 Mar 20
After searching for a credible moving company and finding outrageously over prices movers. I was ecstatic in finding a more reasonable price and professionalism with your conpany. I was well pleased with the services provided by this company. Employees / movers were very respectful and hard working. They took extra steps to place items and specific locations throughout the house, while assembling bed frames, desk and tables. After the move was finalized I could see my belonging were truly taken care. Great hourly rates and services, this was definitely a win-win situation for me .Thank you for your help.
Ed Brown
Ed B.
16:19 03 Mar 20
Jim Swindle
Jim S.
15:13 02 Mar 20
Nydrel Smith
Nydrel S.
14:46 02 Mar 20
Booking with this company was very easy to do. They handle business and are very efficient. No damages on the job. Hard workers. Definitely would recommend.
Kaybryn Gooch
Kaybryn G.
14:23 02 Mar 20
Great moving company, they have great workers work in a timely manner. Would recommend to anyone.
Derrick White
Derrick W.
22:13 01 Mar 20
Super helpful guys they helped me in my time of need, thanks!!!
Rev Giovano Fusco
Rev Giovano F.
22:47 21 Feb 20
I hired this company to move a few pieces of furniture from one home to another. They did a great job and were professional and polite. Would recommend. Thank you.
Carol Chartier
Carol C.
12:56 13 Feb 20
This moving company took all of the agony out of my weekend. They showed up when they told me they would, never stopped working for chat breaks, and got the job done quickly. I would DEFINITELY recommend them to anyone and will be using them again. Matt and Damien worked hard to get us moved.
Joseph Reilly
Joseph R.
16:06 09 Feb 20
Strong, excellent workers not to mention all around good guys
Buck Lake
Buck L.
15:01 26 Jan 20
Very efficient. Three men worked very well together. It was smooth sailing. I highly recommend Klean Movers.
Marguerite Mckinnon
Marguerite M.
23:49 17 Jan 20
Jesse Coleman
Jesse C.
23:01 16 Jan 20
Great experience with these guys. Good attitudes, very friendly, and efficient. Gave me by far the best price after contacting 5 movers, and would definitely call them again.
steve kanter
steve K.
14:12 09 Jan 20
Scheduled a large move and figured it would be 7+ hours. The guys showed up on time and began working immediately! They got everything moved and unloaded in less than 5 hours!! Hard workers, and very courteous ! Would highly recommend !! Thank you so much for a stress free move !
Samantha Dougherty
Samantha D.
18:39 28 Dec 19
Reggie's movers were very professional. They knew what had to be done and did it smiling..I would definitely recommend them again and again.
Karen Gray
Karen G.
16:01 28 Dec 19
I needed dining room set moved. Friendly and courteous service. Highly recommend.
robert paul
robert P.
19:52 24 Dec 19
They are very professional and did great job with reasonable price. Thank you guys.
Sevim Schennum
Sevim S.
00:19 24 Dec 19
They were very nice and friendly - there were a few minor mishaps but everything got resolved!
Morgan Y
Morgan Y
14:17 23 Dec 19
I booked Klean Moves last minute based the high number of positive reviews and they did not disappoint. I highly recommend this company. The quote was super reasonable and everyone went above and beyond to make a stressful situation into a smooth, positive one. I would hire them again for sure!
Carolina Utley
Carolina U.
13:54 22 Dec 19
Reggie, James & Brian we’re so exceptional. So caring and couldn’t have been a better experience. Will be recommending!!!
Rebecca Reid
Rebecca R.
20:56 10 Dec 19
carrie odom
carrie O.
20:55 10 Dec 19
I am a little late posting this review. The guys were supposed to arrive between 9-10, but do to a Tropical Cyclone on the day we we're suppose to move, they had to delay it about 4 hours do to their safety & all of my belongings. Once they arrived, they were incredibly nice & took such great care of all my belongings. Plus, extra special care for furniture that my Grandfather made. They made my move stress free & I was more relaxed. I highly recommend them to anyone who is moving. Trust me, there is no need to call any other movers except for Klean Movers. If I could give a 10 🌟🌟review I would. Thanks again guys for a great experience.
18:48 01 Nov 19
Very friendly and easy to work with, would recommend to anyone who needs to move anything they have a wide variety of trucks.
Jarrett Kice
Jarrett K.
21:56 19 Oct 19
Awesome movers with awesome attitudes. My scheduled movers didn’t show up, and Clean Moves showed up in less than 2 hours and saved the day. Call these guys, you wont be sorry!
Cindy McLaughlin
Cindy M.
18:27 12 Oct 19
These guys definitely know what they are doing and are super friendly. A+ service.
Mark Freeman
Mark F.
18:24 12 Oct 19
Aubrey Brown
Aubrey B.
18:23 12 Oct 19
mirabel Dwayne
mirabel D.
01:04 22 Jul 19
I would highly recommend these guys! They helped us unload our moving truck. We moved from another city and ended up arriving later than expected due to traffic. They were very understanding and rescheduled our move for early the next morning. They were both professional and friendly. The move took a lot less time than we expected as well. We will be using them again when we move out of our temporary housing.
Jade Smith
Jade S.
13:39 05 May 19
Fantastic job done in such short notice! I really recommend these guys! They’re fantastic and courteous!
Karlo Prado
Karlo P.
00:18 05 May 19
Frank Rado
Frank R.
18:13 28 Apr 19
Great service, friendly, and personable. On time, and reliable. Honest and a very fair price. I would highly recommend this company.
Harry Cardillo
Harry C.
18:34 25 Apr 19
Reggie was great to work with on communication and scheduling over a tricky Easter weekend cross country move. The crew showed up on time and unloaded a full 16 foot box truck in an hour. Thank you for taking stress off my parents and exceeding our expectations!
Lynne Riley
Lynne R.
15:00 22 Apr 19
Great Service, Fair Price and pleasant team to work with. Thanks gentlemen!
Lisa Armentrout
Lisa A.
19:40 19 Apr 19
Very nice and professionally done. Highly recommend
The James
The J.
04:13 09 Apr 19
They we're able to save my butt after another moving company canceled on me the night before my moving date. I am very grateful that they we're able to get everything done! They did a great job!
23:43 05 Apr 19
The guys were able to get everything in one truck load and were courteous and respectful of our belongings. They were friendly and made sure they were putting our items in the correct room. We will absolutely refer Mover Bradenton to our friends and family and use them for future moves.
Ashley Burns
Ashley B.
21:20 28 Nov 18
On a Sunday after church was willing to help us move in 2hours very respectful people & don't waste no time to get the job done thanks again guy!!!! TEE & INGRID
Tavaris Shatteen
Tavaris S.
02:39 26 Nov 18
These guys are great! Showed up right on time and got to work. The guys were extremely respectful and got everything done way quicker then I expected. Highly recommended!!!!
Steven Gutowitz
Steven G.
04:44 10 Nov 18
Best moving experience ever. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough. I had another moving company who bailed the night before a move, I was referred by a friend to them. They were able to accommodate me the next day. They were punctual, FAST, polite & just about the best experience you could have. I honesty couldn’t believe how quickly they loaded everything, & they even asked me if I wanted my new room rearranged the same way. I wouldn’t even attempt another moving company- they’re the best. The owner is also super involved & kept checking to make sure my experience was a great one. Thank you guys for making this strsssful situation a WHOLE lot less stressful!
Jessica Adams
Jessica A.
19:08 31 Oct 18
Great company. The guys were very polite and moved me quickly without any damage to my things. I would definitely recommend them.
Kristen Bellant
Kristen B.
20:10 26 Oct 18
They did a good job. The elevator quit working during the move so they stores my things overnight and were back out first thing the next day and finished up!
Tona Fields
Tona F.
14:54 17 Oct 18
Highly recommend! Beat out College Hunks by $120 and were there within a few hours instead of the next day. Did a great job and were very timely. 5 Stars.
Zack McNally
Zack M.
21:39 16 Oct 18
They were amazing and so fast they moved my whole house in 2 hours! I would highly recommend them to anyone!!!! My mom will be using them in the future as well!
Cristine Truitt
Cristine T.
19:36 15 Oct 18
Great Setvice in every aspect. On time, professional, courteous, careful with my items. Competitively priced. These guys went the extra mile to make my move stress free. Will use them again. Highly recommend. Thank you Mover Bradenton. Great Job!!
L R.
17:38 14 Oct 18
They have moved me twice and both times, they have provided excellent service. They’re not too expensive, which always helps. Very friendly and careful crew. Will only use them from now on. And will recommend them to anyone in need of moving services.
Janibel D
Janibel D
20:34 13 Oct 18
Great price and awesome service! Highly recommended!
Linda G
Linda G
20:03 21 Sep 18
Very professional, courteous and handled my moving needs with great care.
Marilyn Kinney
Marilyn K.
11:51 18 May 18
They were able to help us out at the last minute. Another company bailed out on us at 5pm and the guys were able to be at our location by 6:30pm. The Lord provided willing servants to help us out. They had the equipment necessary for our move. They were careful and made our move seamless. We can't say enough about this company. They are in our personal directory now. They were friendly and reasonable.
Mike Zimmerman
Mike Z.
17:03 08 Apr 18
Movers were on time, polite & professional.
Devon Corneles
Devon C.
11:55 27 Mar 18
Great moving experience. Very polite young men, efficient, and the price was great! Lets face it, no one likes to move, leave it to Mover Bradenton.
amy neri
amy N.
20:42 26 Mar 18
Fantastic Movers Zech and his crew were on time courteous and oh so kind, they are strong young men very polite ... I feel like Mover Bradenton over delivered...
Inger Starling
Inger S.
19:39 05 Mar 18
Amazing moving experience.. the guys were polite, on time and fast. I highly recommend Mover Bradenton Zech and his crew are the best
Bianca Rico
Bianca R.
17:16 06 Feb 18
Great service, great price & excellent company that was willing to go the extra mile to help! Would recommend to anyone!
Darrington Glover
Darrington G.
18:20 02 Jan 18
Moved from Sarasota to Ft Lauderdale. Fast and efficient movers. Very professional and friendly , they got the job done. Would recommend to anyone that wants to move without any hassle. Great job Zech and the team.
Bibi Hidalgo
Bibi H.
20:59 29 Oct 17
Very courteous, hard-working and efficient. Next day service worked great, great pricing. Would definitely use again, thank you !
Tom Gregory
Tom G.
20:40 06 Aug 17
My friends bailed on me when it came time to move, so I called Reggie over at Mover Bradenton. They had a crew at my house in nothing flat, and got the job done in half as much time. Would use again.
Nickole Cotter
Nickole C.
21:09 13 Jul 17
Mover Bradenton is a Fantastic Moving Company they are the best movers I have used in all my years. The guys were Polite Courteous and Hardworking. The price was right too. Best Movers in Bradenton.
Rodney Hatch
Rodney H.
18:35 01 Jul 17
I have several pieces of antique furniture that have been passed down through my family for several generations. The folks at Mover Bradenton did an excellent job accommodating these and taking care so that they were not damaged. They were also able to move a rather large, heavy gun safe that I had on my property and which I was worried about moving. I definitely plan on using these guys again in the future, and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a mover.
Michael Lowery
Michael L.
17:29 13 Jun 17
Best moving experience I have ever had I love the guys at mover bradenton I will use them again.
Alexander Lochead
Alexander L.
19:36 25 May 17
Best mover ever, I had such a limited budget but Mover Bradenton did a professional job I highly recommend Mover Bradenton to move any house or Apartment Move like mine
Jamir Foster
Jamir F.
00:48 29 Sep 16
Excellent Mover and moving services , Priced just right!
Mover Bradenton
Mover B.
03:21 25 Aug 16

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