Preparing for a House Move When You Have Children
Preparing for relocation is very exhausting and stressful especially when you have a small child or children. You must be very organized with your time especially since you will have significantly less time to organize everything and pack for the move. Although this is written for the benefit of moms and couples who are planning to move with small children, it can be useful to anyone else who has a move coming up.

Create a Moving calendar

A calendar will help you factor in everything you need to do and get organized for your move. You will also be able to take full control of the time you have. Planning your move a month before, you can be able to fit everything into schedule to ensure that your moving process goes smoothly and without too much hassle. Below is a simple guide to help you manage your time better and help you prepare for your move.

4 Weeks Prior: Take Inventory of your possessions

Take a list all of your possessions including, kitchenware, furniture, and clothes at least four weeks before your move. Get rid of what you don’t need or things that would be cheaper to give out. You can sell all the furniture you don’t want to move with. You can sell them on Apartment Therapy on craigslist or even organize a yard sale.

If you have any stuff that you don’t want to keep and can’t sell, another way of disposing them off would be donating them to organizations like Salvation Army. Such organizations might even be willing to come and pick these items up.

3 Weeks Prior: Change your Address and online information

Go to the post office and change your address. Although you can do this even two weeks before your move, the earlier you do it the better. This is because change of address can take a few weeks to go into effect. You don’t want to your bills and letters to get lost in the mail. You should also check all your online information and update your details to ensure that your deliveries will get to the right address whenever you order something from online sites like Amazon or EBay.

2 Week s Prior: Get all the Moving Supplies you Will Need

These should include plastic boxes, regular boxes, garbage bags, and box openers, surround wraps, tapes markers and anything else you may need to pack and unpack before and after your move. To get supplies cheaply, try to get boxes from recycling companies and even liquor stores. Liquor stores usually have the perfect boxes for packing glassware. You can also check local listings and you may just find someone who is willing to give them to you for free if you will be willing to go and collect them from their houses.

1 Week Prior: Begin Packing for Your Move

Of course you can begin packing right after getting your supplies so that on this last week, you can finalize all you’re packing and ensure that every box is labeled with the right items. This will make your unpacking easier.

  • You might also want to stock up on non-perishables so that you will have enough food and supplies to avoid having to go to the stores right after you move into your new house.

Moving Day

If you can, pack a bag and get someone to look after your pets and little children so that you can have enough time to oversee your move without having to worry about them as well.

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