Easy Tips You Can Use to Lower Your Moving Costs
Moving is expensive; there is no way around that. If you are moving within the same town or even another state, you can choose to ask for help from family and friends or move on your own without hiring the services of a house mover. This will obviously depend on what you need to move, your budget and the time you have. Sometimes, however, it may make more sense to hire a house mover especially if you are moving far from where you live or if you have a lot of things to move and limited time.

Either way, you will obviously want to lower your moving costs to make the moving process more affordable. Below are some easy and cheap tips that you can use to raise money for your moving and also lower your moving costs.

  • Sort through all your things

A month before your move, it is very important to go through all your items and belongings to determine what to carry, what to the sale and what to donate. It is very possible that you have a lot of things that you no longer have a need for any other that would cost you more to move and store than to dispose of. Sometimes, you may spend a lot more paying to move for items that you may not need or that you could sell and replace after your move.

  • Find a Way to Dispose of the Items You Don’t Need to Move

Once you have sorted your items, you can sell them on craigslist or organize a yard sale a few weeks prior to your move. This can even help you raise some of the money that you will need to fund your move. You can dispose of of the remaining items to the Salvation Army or to other charities and help someone else who may have a need for it.

Tips To Lower Your Moving Costs

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  • Get Packing and Moving Materials

These may include boxes, garbage bags; surround wraps, tape, and markers. Begin packing your remaining belongings inside the boxes. Ensure that you label all your boxes with the items they contain and the room they are from. This will make it easy to retrieve and organize after the move.

Take extra care when packing cups, china, plates, and other fragile items as they can easily break when you are packing them, during the move itself and even when you will be unpacking them. Although you can buy tissue paper and bubble wraps, you can save more by wrapping them using, magazines subscriptions, newspapers, towels, or even clothes.

  • Use Surround Wrap to cover things you don’t want moving around

Pack items like spoons, forks, knives, jewelry, collectibles and any other item you don’t want to see moving around in plastic bags and use Surround Wrap to seal the top to ensure that they remain enclosed. Make sure to place sharp items like knives on the very bottom of the box. You can also pack some things you may need as soon as you get into your new house into clear plastic bags or boxes for easy retrieval

You can use suitcases and luggage bags to pack clothes and other items including books, pillows and anything else. Stuff clothes in garbage bags and tie them up.

  • Make sure that you organize everything properly

Move furniture away from the wall and move all the boxes near the front door. This will save you time and money especially if you are hiring movers.

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